Cole & Ashcroft, LP, strives to meet and exceed our responsibilities and duties to our customers, employees and community. As a privately owned and operated company we are dedicated to move swiftly to meet the needs of those working with us.

We recognize our obligation to produce and provide only the highest quality and most innovative products for our customers. Whether that customer is an individual or a Fortune 100 company, we aim to establish a professional, courteous and long lasting partnership. Cole & Ashcroft is a source to be trusted and relied upon.


Cole & Ashcroft provides a safe and pleasant working environment. Team members are given the opportunity to be efficient and prosper while growing professionally. Having employees that are happy and productive allows us to produce only the finest quality products and services.


The community belongs to all of us and with that knowledge we will do our part to nurture and support it. Cole & Ashcroft will reduce waste by being as efficient in our manufacturing techniques as possible. We have an aggressive recycling program to minimize our impact on the environment. We will support local, national and international charities along with other philanthropic events.